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The auFormElement abstract class is part of the auLib package. It is defined in the auForm.php file and used as the base class for every other class in that file.


There is not generally a reason to use auFormElement directly, so a list of descendant classes is also included on this page:

Protected Data


The form object this element belongs to.


The container that immediately contains this element.


The error message for this element, or false if no errors have been found.

Protected Functions



Checks the element value for errors. This needs to be overridden to actually do the check, otherwise it always returns true. If an error is found, the message should be saved in $this->error.

  • @return = Whether the element has errors.



Gets the error with the element, if any.

  • @return = Error text, or false.



Gets the label of the element, if any. This needs to be overridden for elements that have labels, otherwise it always returns an empty string.

  • @return = Label of the element.



This is an abstract function, so all non-abstract classes that extend auFormElement must provide this function. It should write out the HTML for the element.