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Welcome to auWiki, which exists to provide documentation for the code and programs available from the analog underground. If you have something to add, clarify, or correct, please register for an account (separate from track7 user accounts for now) and make some edits!


Packages documented here either are or will be available in the analog underground scripts page.

Abe Personal Finance

Personal finance that runs on your private web server.


Collection of classes I find useful for building web sites.

  • auDB - Database abstraction class. Currently available for MySQL only.
  • auFeed - RSS feed class.
  • auFile - File operations class.
  • auForm - HTML form class.
  • auPage - Page layout base class.
  • auSend - Send external messages to people or web services.
  • auText - Text manipulation class.
  • auTimer - Stopwatch class.
  • auUser - User base class.

C# .NET Applications

Applications documented here have been written in C# using the .NET framework 4. Either .NET 4 or possibly Mono (I haven’t tried Mono) are required in order to run these applications.


MythClient makes it easier to play MythTV recordings on a Windows HTPC. It requires the MythTV server to provide both MythWeb and a file share so MythClient can find and launch the recording files directly over the network.


GameSink is a tool to back up and restore game data. It auto-detects games installed through Steam and supports manually adding some other games. Be sure to check the list of Supported Games for the status of your games.


OpenAces is an extensible card game application where each game is a plugin. It intends to support solitaire and peer-to-peer multi-player games based on standard playing cards but is not yet functional for anything.

Movie Enlister And Tracker (MEAT)

Movie Enlister And Tracker (MEAT) is designed to aid in managing large collections of digital movies and their backup status. It replaces Movie Information Manager (MIM) and should provide all the features that MIM did.

Shared Libraries (au.util)

There are a few custom controls used in various analog underground applications, which are found in au.util.comctl.dll. Common input/output functions are placed into This is mostly not useful except for programmers interested in using one of these libraries.