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The auFormButtons class is part of the auLib package. It is defined in the auForm.php file.



This class is used to add a submit button or multiple submit buttons to a form. Create an object from this class and add it to an auFormContainer object.

Public Functions

new auFormButtons

new auFormButtons($text, $tooltip, $name, $cancel)

Creates a new form submit button or form submit buttons.

  • $text = Text to display on the button. Pass an array to have multiple buttons on one line.
  • $tooltip = Tooltip text to display when the mouse is over the button. Pass an array parallel to $text if $text was an array. Default is none.
  • $name = Name that should be used for the button. Must be the same for all buttons. Default is 'submit'.
  • $cancel = URL that should be used as a cancel link to the right of the buttons. Default is not to show a cancel link.



Gets the name that submit buttons are sent to the server as.

  • @return = Name that submit buttons are sent to the server as.