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The auFormContainer abstract class is part of the auLib package. It is defined in the auForm.php file and used as the base class for other classes in that file that may contain other auFormElements.



There is not generally a reason to use auFormContainer directly, so a list of descendant classes is also included on this page:

Public Functions



Adds an element to the container. This normally does not need to be overridden.

Protected Data

Protected data from auFormElement are also available, but not listed here.


Array of elements contained by this object.


Whether this object contains an auFormFile element.


Name used by the submit buttons.

Protected Functions

Protected Functions from auFormElement are also available, but not listed here unless overridden.



Checks the elements in the container for errors. Overrides auFormElement implementation.

  • @return = Whether there are any errors in any of this object’s contained elements.