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The auFormInstant class is part of the auLib package. It is defined in the auForm.php file.



This class is used to add a date / time input field to a form. Create an object from this class and add it to an auFormContainer object.

Public Functions

new auFormInstant

new auFormInstant($name, $label, $tooltip, $required, $default, $width, $maxlength)

Creates a new date / time input form field.

  • $name = Name to submit the field as.
  • $label = Label to display with the field. Default is blank.
  • $tooltip = Tooltip text to display when the mouse is over the label. Default is none.
  • $required = Whether a value is required in this field. Default is not required.
  • $default = Default value for this field. Default is blank / unchecked.
  • $width = Width of the field in characters. Default is browser default.
  • $maxlength = The maximum number of characters the field can accept. Default is unlimited.