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Shared Libraries are used by most analog underground applications. They're not an application themselves, and are pretty much useless to anyone who isn't a programmer. The two dll files are strongly-named which means they can be installed to the GAC, which will be done if you build the source. Downloading the binaries will get you the two dll files, which can be used without being put into the GAC.


  • comctl - common control library
  • io - input/output library

Revision History


  • Update to .NET 4.
  • Move adding to GAC to new cmd script so building doesn’t error under standard accounts.
  • Convert XmlUtil to extension methods.
  • Change FilenameBox and FoldernameBox to use flat buttons
  • Add FlatButton and AutoCompleteMode properties FilenameBox and FoldernameBox.
  • Convert ListViewUtil to extension methods.
  • Add new Title sort type.
  • Keep track of sort history.


  • Version at the time of auWiki creation.