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MythClient helps Windows clients play recordings from a separate MythTV server. It provides an alternative to the MythWeb Recorded Programs page, with the streaming and downloading of recordings replaced with directly launching the recording from a network share.

MythClient was designed for use on an HTPC using a TV on the other side of the room as its display. For this reason, its display is simple and does not require much space. It can also be useful on laptops or traditional PCs, however, in case you do not have an HTPC or sometimes want to watch MythTV recordings in a different part of the house.


MythClient runs on the .NET Framework version 4, which can be downloaded from Microsoft: .NET Framework 4. To develop MythClient, Visual Studio 2010 is recommended but C# Express 2010 or the .NET 4 SDK should be enough. The installers are built from WiX projects, which require the WiX Toolset.

In order for MythClient to be useful, it needs two types of access to a MythTV server:

  1. MythWeb - The MythTV server must provide the MythWeb interface.
  2. Network share - The recorded programs directory must be available as a network share in order for MythClient to launch them in the default video player.