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The auFormFieldSet class represents a set of fields that are grouped together (using an HTML <fieldset>). It is part of the auLib package.


Once an auFormFieldSet object is created, fields can be added to it using the same functions that auForm provides. After an auFormFieldSet object has all its fields added, the auFormFieldSet object itself should be added to an auForm object using AddFieldSet().

Public Functions

new auFormFieldSet

new auFormFieldSet($title, $id, $class, $contents)

Creates a new fieldset object.

  • $title = Title of the fieldset, used in an HTML <legend>. Default is to not have a title.
  • $id = CSS id of the fieldset element. Default is none.
  • $class = CSS class of the fieldset element. Default is none.
  • $contents = HTML contents of the fieldset. Any fields it contains will be written after the contents.


See auForm Functions for specifics -- all functions beginning with Add (except for AddFieldSet()) can also be used on an auFormFieldSet object.