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Transaction import is how bank statements get into Abe. The general process is to download transactions from bank websites and then upload them into Abe. Many banks provide transaction files monthly, though some can create transaction files for the date range of your choosing. One way to keep Abe up to date with transactions is to download and import transaction files whenever the bank mails a paper statement or emails to say an electronic statement is available. Even though it’s possible to use import from a phone, it’s a lot simpler on a computer.

The first field of the transaction import page is which account the transaction file is for. After that there’s a link to the login page of the selected bank’s website to make it easier to go download the latest transaction file. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find where to download transaction files and sometimes even tricky to actually get the one you think you asked for. Check the list of bank download instructions to help navigate your bank website. Download the transactions file somewhere you can find it. Most browsers on Windows download to your downloads directory.

Once you have the transactions file, choose it for the transactions field and then use the preview button. If everything goes well, a preview of the transactions from the file will show below the preview button. Nothing has actually been saved at this point, so check it over if you like and then click the save button at the upper right of the preview to keep them. Then either head over to the transactions page to categorize the new transactions or import another file. It’s possible to preview multiple files and then save them one by one.